"Special mention must also be given to sound designer David Margolin Lawson, who keeps eerie music going all but subliminally, as if it's one of those tuneless tunes often thought to be hummed by the mentally disturbed. It's the ideal underscoring for a play about a shamelessly off-kilter society and its devastating effects on its once-promising young citizens."  

Safe - David Finkle, Theatre Mania


"David M. Lawson’s sound design sets the stage for the timely narrative..."

The Crusade of Connor Stephens - Deb Miller, DC Metro

"David M. Lawson is also to be applauded for his superb sound design."

Angry Young Man - David Kaufman, TheatreScene.Net


"...outstanding sound design by David Margolin Lawson". 

A Scythe of Time - Navida Stein,


"Sound designer David Margolin Lawson reminds just how important sound design is, especially in a musical."

A Scythe of Time - Michael Block, Theater in the Now


"...a dark play exploring depression and self destruction...David Margolin Lawson's sound design conveys each mood and environment of the play perfectly."

Animals Commit Suicide - Glenn Quentin,


"David Margolin Lawson's often hilarious sound design, especially the airport sounds, contribute to the feel of an interesting dream."

A Perfect Ganesh - Gwen Orel, North Jersey/USA Today


"David Margolin Lawson's sound design is a nonstop battery of effects and music -- the sequences in which Bowers channels bits of various television broadcasts are priceless."  Beyond Words - David Barbour, Lights And Sound Online


"David Margolin Lawson’s sound design is pitch perfect (no pun intended.) We know just where the storm and river are as well as what they’re 'intending'."

Lost On The Natchez Trace - Alix Cohen, Playing Around


"David Margolin Lawson’s sound design is surprisingly complex, including birdsong, echo effects, and the sounds of aerial battle for Snoopy's flying ace sequence."

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - David Barbour, Lights and Sound America


"Sound designer David Margolin Lawson punctuates scenes with choral music that enhances the power of Brent's story, which articulately reminds theatregoers both of the painful effects of homophobia and the strides made in the acceptance of homosexuality over the past 40


Uncle - Andy Probst, Backstage

DML Sound Demo - David Margolin Lawson



Presented by:  La Ma Ma, E.T.C.

Directed by:  Jose Zayas


Presented by:  Studio Dante

Directed by:  Nick Sandow


"Forces of Nature"

Presented by:  Forces of Nature

Directed by:  Abdel R. Salaam